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Golden Thread Gallery

Golden Thread Gallery is Northern Ireland's leading international contemporary visual arts organisation.

The gallery is actively committed to enhancing and widening the cultural experience for those living in, working in and visiting the region. Golden Thread Gallery prides itself on offering a friendly, open space where everyone is welcome. For those who have never visited the gallery before, why not pay a visit and get a taste of what's available?

From its beginnings in a former linen mill on a contested ‘peace line' in North Belfast, Golden Thread Gallery has delivered annual programmes of exhibitions and activities designed to make a real contribution to the visual arts and wider communities in Northern Ireland. Golden Thread Gallery has developed a reputation for its engagement with recent histories and re-imagined futures.

Golden Thread Gallery publishes and sells a wide variety of art books, periodicals and journals. Artworks are also available for sale through the gallery's dedicated sales area for all art lovers and collectors to enjoy. The gallery also offers a unique artistic encounter, and is located in Weavers Court off Linfield Rd in Belfast - just a 10 minute walk from Belfast City Hall.

For further information about the program and projects visit or e-mail:


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