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  • What happens if it rains?
    If it rains it's not always safe for our artists to perform, so we move indoors. We are very grateful to our friends at Ulster University, who allow us to hold performances in the foyer of the Art College building. It's a bit complicated to move shows around, so on rainy days we don't always stick to the published timetable. Keep an eye on our social media to find out what's happening and where.
  • How do I make a donation?
    At the end of each show our artists will accept donations. All money donated goes towards the festival, not the individual artist (they are paid a fee). If you would like to make a donation, please follow this link
  • How much are tickets?
    All our shows are free to attend except for the evenings shows in Circusful.
  • Do I need to book?
    No booking is required for our daytime outdoor shows, just come along. Shows in Circusful do require tickets, click the BOOK NOW button on the homepage or follow this link.
  • Are there seats?
    We provide a number of deckchairs and seat pads, but there aren't enough for everyone, so if you'd prefer to sit down, do bring a seat! We want everyone to be able to see, so please allow space in front for people who are sitting on the floor.
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