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FoF After Hours (18+)

Sunday, 1 May 2022 | 8:00pm ‐ 10:00pm | Circusful 23 - 25 Gordon Street, Belfast, BT1 2LG | £12 (Plus booking fee) | 18+

A FoF First…

A triple bill of three astonishing shows, using trapeze, acrobatics, juggling and clowning to explore gender, punk, feminism and clownarchism. Three acts at the forefront of circus performance in NI present their newest work in this exciting new chapter for Festival of Fools.

Age restriction 18+

OMI±POLONE by Christopher McAuley

A personal life story, in a nutshell, told 5 feet off the floor. Omi ± Polone is a personal insight into one's gender identity and journey to personal growth. Christopher explores the sliding scale from deep personal shame to acceptance and pride, in which he allows theatricality to transition the intimate vulnerability into self-assurance.

The artist balances upon the fine line of beauty and danger, whilst hanging, twisting, and swinging precariously in the air in this high-level dynamic trapeze act.

SNATCH and GRAB by Snatch Circus

Deadly, dirty and dangerous, Snatch and Grab is a circus celebration of the fierce and wild. A DIY spectacle of absurd acrobatics, contorted comedy and household appliances.

A topical 2-woman punk circus, performed by award-winning performers Angelique Reckless Ross and Mish Mash Thoburn, aided and abetted by Ken Fanning.


SHTOOM! by Paul Currie

A brand new non-verbal immersive comedy show created from award-winning Belfast comedian & clownarchist Paul Currie, created for Festival of Fools. This show fuses physical clowning, music, contemporary dance, non-verbal comedy vignettes, and crowd participation on a grand scale, utilising and subverting everyday objects and everyday life without having to utter a single word. Paul will show how he uses comedy to elevate his mental health & deep depression through laughter in this true sympathy of silly.

Shtoom is a unique surrealist, dada, performance punk musical.

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